Torrid Zone
J.C. Nicholson
Dallas sobered immediately at the sight of Maggie lying on the bed in the
comfort of the air-conditioned room, barely clothed and very beautiful.
Watching her lie there inches from him sent emotions coursing through him
that were too appealing to ignore. He loved the fragrant smell of lilacs on
her body and it was that smell that got him every time. He fell to his knees
and gathered her close, his arms circling her body, seeking her lips. He
touched her breast and felt her respond, her body as willing as his own to
complete the transaction. He was moved by the change in Maggie, glad she’
d lightened up on the lovemaking and to prove it he kissed every inch of her
body until she responded like she had in the past, when his brand of kisses
aroused her perfectly. His tongue searched boldly inside her mouth, teasing
and hovering like a bee determined to pluck the nectar from the blossom.
She squirmed in pleasure at the flame he ignited and they made love.

Later, Maggie lay beside him focusing on her recklessness while Dallas lit a
cigarette and waded through the uncertainty of his two worlds.
"It’s been an ugly day," Maggie reminded.
"I guess," was all he said, not at all surprised by the sound of the
indifference in his voice. "Try not to take things too personally Maggie, life
happens, and . . . what happened today certainly wasn’t your fault," he
sighed, annoyed by her unexplained concern over a stranger, revealing
more about his impatience on the subject than he had planned to. He
certainly had no plans to get her dander up, but he had the feeling he had
already crossed that line by offering his two cents worth.
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