Something Wicked Came Undone
J.C. Nicholson
At the turn of the 20th century, the southern coast of Oregon was slammed with a
storm that devastated a group of towns. One of the towns was Perryville. During that
storm, clouds gathered, skies blackened, and immeasurable amounts of water were
washed over the land. Perryville, being the closest town to the Jaquinta River, was the
first to have the water cross its’ banks. The river washed over the land until it
connected with a dip in the Perryville Cemetery where it collected and deepened.

Within hours, several coffins rose from their hallowed ground, pulled along by a current
that took everything in its path that wasn’t anchored down. When the storm subsided,
the caskets sank deep into the mud, or so it seemed. In the aftermath, something odd
happened. Skeletal forms were seen darting from the cemetery into the forest. The
legend grew, and with it, stories about Perryville grew too. Some say the stories are
nonsense and never occurred. Others say they did and still do, which makes it easy to
believe, since the story I’m about to tell you happened in the millennium, in the year
2000 AD. You decide.
ISBN#: 9781434373762