Submitted by Donna - Reviewed 10/20/2013

For those that like a fast paced mystery, The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman was a great read!
Surrounded with Maine characters and chock full of local flavor this is a read full of twists and turns.
Red Feather, Indian Joe, Jesse and Shauna are truly memorable. The local bar is one you want to
forget but just can't seem to leave. This novelist has several books and I have read them all. J.C.
Nicholson sure knows how to “spin a yarn” as they say in Maine. Enjoy!
The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman by J.C. Nicholson
ISBN 978-1-4817-5880-2
Submitted by Mary - Reviewed 11/9/2013

Another great read. I don't know how you do it, wish I had your talent, but the characters and story
keep you wanting to read more. Found it hard to put down once I started it.
Submitted by Rosemary - Reviewed 2/2//2014

The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman, in my opinion, is J.C. Nicholson's best book yet. This author
has come a long way since her first novel and I found this book to be very well written, easy to read
and it had a blow-you-away ending. The twists and turns and impressive cast of characters kept me
in suspense until the very end. Great ending J.C., you never cease to amaze me! Keep those books
Submitted by Dona - Reviewed 2/18/2014

The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman is a good keep-you-guessing type of book. It has many layers
of secrets just waiting to be unraveled. Look forward to reading more books by J.C. Nicholson.
Submitted by Wanda - Reviewed 4/8/2014

The book was fantastic and I just couldn't put it down till I finished (3-days later). The ending was a
real surprise. The book kept me in suspense and I enjoyed it tremendously. Keep up the good work.