"Wait here." the Indian directed. And then without an explanation, he mounted
his horse and disappeared. Only what was she waiting for? The scariest
situation she could imagine was a pack of hungry coyotes looking for their next
meal. She hoped Red Feather's legs were as quick as his mind under stress. It
was hell not knowing where he'd gone or when he'd be back Every moment
alone gave birth to another terrifying thought. Every branch that cracked and fell
from the weight of the snow made her jump. The wind blew this way and that
way, but for whatever reason the icy air circumvented the spot the Indian had

Out of the blue she heard a new sound. Who or what was it? Was it Red Feather
or was it an animal looking for a meal. Fear shot through her like a bullet and her
body went limp. What the hell was happening? Her senses were on full alert.
The Shauna she knew was disappearing piece by piece and another Shauna
emerged. This new Shauna had a knot in her throat that was about to strangle
her while her heart did its part and banged inside her chest like a war drum. She
was living a moment she had never experienced before. The moment had a
name and its name was terror.
J. C. Nicholson
The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman - Released 9/18/2013
ISBN 978-1-4817-5880-2