J.C. Nicholson
I grew up in Massachusetts, where the boundaries of the small town I lived in,
led to another group of small towns, dotted with mid-sized cities. As time
went on, I expanded my horizons, moved to Hawaii, and settled in California.  
Through my travels, I couldn't help noticing that though people looked and
acted the same, there were some basics in every city and town that pulled us
together, but their culture, and their ways of thinking about the world, at
times, were dramatically different.

It was only after I moved to the west coast that I learned to appreciate what I
had experienced and the beauty and history I left behind.  In creating a novel,
I learned to weave my small town background experience with the raw
starkness of new city life.  When I first started writing, it was difficult to
understand how the delicate blend of these two worlds would interest
anyone who didn't understand where I'd been, what I'd learned, or even cared
where these particular states were located on the map.  Through it all, I
learned that as much as each of these states were different, much of it
mirrored my early life in Massachusetts.  Again it boiled down to basics.  
Some things are inherent in every state regardless of location.  With insight,
there are stories to be told and mysteries waiting to unfold.

At first, I wasn't sure writing would work for me, but the seed, once planted,
took root.  It required changing my life three hundred and sixty degrees to
put my brain in charge and set the work of writing in motion.  It took exposure
to different people, cultures, cities and towns over the last twenty years to
effectively describe what I saw and felt about what I experienced, and the
home I left behind.  Today, I know where I've been, but am clueless as to
where the path may lead.  I thrive on hope and expectation.  They say
everyone has two lives, one to learn, the other to live.  Today I am living my
passion, a dream I knew was mine.

I am currently crafting my fifth novel.  When I'm not writing (which is a small
amount of time) I am giving support to animal rights groups, spending time
with my children, adoring my two beautiful grandchildren and enjoying the
surrounding beauty of my home in California, where I've chosen to live.
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