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All of the characters and places are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.
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J.C. Nicholson has done it again! Just when you think you have the genre of this author figured out, J.C. leads us down a winding road
again with The Unraveling of Shauna Blackman.  J.C. Nicholson's fiction novels are contemporary, fast-paced, with twists and turns that
will keep you wondering what will happen next, right up to the last sentence!

After completing her steamy first novel Torrid Zone, she burst onto the writing scene with the very haunting and suspenseful Something
Wicked Came Undone. Never one to be limited to one writing style, J.C. created The Bastard's Mother a story of a single mother's
determination to find  her missing daughter but unknowingly puts a detective in jeopardy with a Vegas mob.  Bloodstained tells of a city
basking in political corruption and crime that has  become a hiding place for a very important official with some very nasty habits.  With
The Haunting of Will Ferris J.C. opens the door to the extremely dark world of an alcoholic mind struggling with addiction and the all too
real demons intruding into what should have been a peaceful world.

J.C. Nicholson with six books on the market and number seven in the works, is an author that you'll want to watch as this writer's career
blazes ahead!
On a cold November night while the world slept, Shauna Blackman left Massachusetts believing she murdered
her husband. Her need to escape made sense except she didn’t have a husband. It was the night Shauna fell into
a rabbit hole, however, the story should not be confused with Alice in Wonderland. If she knew of a state with
heat to spare she would have gone there, but it was the first place anyone would look for her.

The only one who knew how her mind worked was her twin sister Jesse, but Jesse couldn’t be trusted.
Something was up with that girl. Trapped in a tiny town in Maine overrun with secrets, lies, and murder, fate
turned against her. The bartender in town blamed her for a murder and the man she fell in love with was a bounty
hunter. It was a no win situation unless fate had a change of heart.
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ISBN 978-1-4817-5880-2
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